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School meals

Children can choose to have either a school dinner or packed lunch. School dinners are prepared from fresh ingredients on site each day and provide a hot, nourishing meal. Children are offered a choice of dishes and there is a vegetarian option each day. All the meat is Halal.

Dietary and allergen advice

If any child has been advised by their GP or Health Care Professional to either follow a special diet or to avoid certain foods containing any of the "identified" allergens as per Food Information for Consumers Regs. 2014, then please advise any parent to contact our Special Diet and Allergen help line on the below details:


Janice Martin                                                               

Edwards & Ward Ltd.                                                                                       141 Milton Rd (behind Old Waterworks)                                                  Weston Super Mare                                                                                     North Somerset   BS22 8AA

Office Number: 01934 615616

preparing meals

We ask parents/carers to decide each half term whether or not their child will have school dinners for that half term as it is not possible to change between school dinners and packed lunches except in exceptional circumstances.  Payments should be made on time as debts are not permitted.


We all recognise that the food our children eat is critically important to their health. There is growing evidence that a healthier diet can mean children are better behaved, more able to concentrate and generally more ready to learn. At Broadwater we want to ensure that all packed lunches brought from home and consumed in school, provide each child with healthy and nutritious food similar to the food now served in the school, regulated by the Government’s new standards.

A leaflet  sets out Broadwater’s guidelines for those parents and carers who provide their child with a packed lunch. You can obtain the leaflet from the Reception desk.  We hope you will find the information, ideas and inspiration to help you provide nutritious, healthy and tasty lunches that your child will enjoy.