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Mathematics at Broadwater

At Broadwater, we are passionate about maths!  We have high expectations for all and it is our aim for all children to develop a rich, deep understanding of the mathematical concepts set so they can make connections (fluency); talk about their ideas (reason) and solve problems. We want children to enjoy mathematics and develop a lasting confidence they can take into secondary school. 

Broadwater has adopted the ‘Teaching for Mastery Approach’ and has been part of the London South West Maths Hub since 2015.  All children at Broadwater School take part in a daily, hour long maths lesson and a ten minutes mental maths session.  Teachers use the White Rose Maths Scheme when planning and follow the ‘Concrete/Pictorial/Abstract’ formula when teaching new concepts. 



Supporting your Child at Home

To foster confidence and resilience in mathematics, it is important children maintain a positive mindset and the people around them do too.   

Ask children to discuss their mathematics learning with you and discuss the maths you see around you. 

Times tables & Number facts

To develop mathematical thinking it is vital that children have a firm grasp of mathematically fundamental number facts. Securing basic number facts such as number bonds to ten (an understanding the base 10 system) helps them to understand the whole number system.

eg 4 + 6 = 10 40 + 60 = 100 400 + 600 = 1000 4000 + 6000 = 10000

A firm grasp of number facts also builds an awareness of place value so that children understand the difference between 400 + 6000, 400 + 600 and 400 + 60.

When children can automatically recall times tables and the associated division facts children can use this knowledge to learn about other mathematical concepts such as ratio or fractions. Practising multiplication can be done using concrete resources to ensure children understand the link to multiplication and division.