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At Broadwater, we are dedicated to creating confident and enthusiastic lifelong readers. We want the children to love books, reading for meaning and developing strong comprehension skills and a deep understanding of language. A fundamental part of our curriculum is immersing all children in quality books, rich language and engaging texts that are linked to the wider Discovery Curriculum. All children experience regular story time in class, as well as a daily reading lesson. We use the ‘Big Cat’ and ‘Dandelion’ reading schemes to support children in making progress in reading.

For the teaching of early reading and writing, we use the Department for Education's Letters and Sounds approach to Phonics. All children in EYFS and KS1 experience daily phonics.

We aim to make writing at Broadwater meaningful. Children write for a range of purposes and audiences in daily writing lessons, striving to create high quality pieces of writing they can be proud of. They learn essential skills for becoming a successful writer, such as developing language and ideas, drafting, editing and publishing. Each year group has a writing toolkit, which includes the key skills children need to master.  We want all children to understand the importance of accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar and we have high expectations of handwriting and presentation.


Helping your child at home

Reading: Please listen to your child read for at least 20 minutes every day to improve their reading skills and widen their vocabulary.  Please also comment regularly in their reading journal.

Reading Journals: Each child has a reading journal to support them in developing independent learning skills, strong comprehension and understanding skills, and a broad vocabulary. Children have the freedom to take reading home learning in a direction that suits their needs and follows their interests. They are expected to complete five meaningful entries per week.

Spelling: Your child will be given a set of words to practise every week for a spelling test. Please spend time practising the spellings, the meaning of the words and handwriting with your child. 

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