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Our Curriculum

At Broadwater, our ambitious and inclusive curriculum has been carefully designed with our children at its centre.  It is our intention to equip all children with the knowledge, skills and experiences to enable them to become resilient, life-long learners to thrive in their next educational stage and later life.  Our curriculum covers all the statutory requirements set out in the EYFS framework and the National Curriculum whilst being reflective of our community and their interests to ensure it is meaningful to our children.  It is progressive within and between years so children build and apply prior understanding so that content is stored in their long-term memory.   Additionally, each subject and topic contains a ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Representation’ element to expose and teach children about the wonderful contributions that a range of different people and cultures have made to society. 


Our local community is integral to Broadwater and we ensure that the curriculum reflects this so learning is purposeful, relevant and meaningful.  We want our children to be  well-rounded, open-minded citizens so as well as teaching this through the curriculum, it is enriched through trips, visits and speakers as well as subject  focus days that draw on topical news stories, the local area or campaigns that we are passionate about. 


Yearly Topic Maps

Click the year groups below to see their yearly topic maps for our curriculum. This gives an overview of our curriculum in each year group. Please note that the details included here are subject to change to ensure that our curriculum is as flexible as possible.

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