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Equality Statement

At Broadwater Primary School, we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all pupils, staff, parents and carers irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, sexual orientation, age or socio-economic background. We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all those connected to the school feel proud of their identity and are able to participate fully in school life.

We aim to provide all our pupils with the opportunity to succeed, and to reach the highest level of personal achievement. The achievement of pupils will be monitored by race, gender and disability and we will use this data to support pupils, raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching.
We tackle discrimination through the positive promotion of equality, by challenging bullying and stereotypes and by creating an environment which champions respect for all.

At Broadwater Primary School, we believe that diversity is a strength which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit us.


Equality Objectives  2019 – 2023

Objective 1:

Achieve a year on year (over three years) increase in progress in Reading, Writing and Maths for pupils with SEND school based support and those with EHCPs (Education Health Care Plans).


Objective 2:

Achieve a year on year (over three years) increase in progress in Reading, Writing and Maths for boys at the end of KS2.


Objective 3:

Further develop the confidence of girls, encouraging them to have high aspirations for their future goals, speaking with confidence and actively participating in group/class discussions.


Objective 4:

Further improve attendance and punctuality for all groups of pupils paying particular attention to disadvantaged pupils.


Objective 5:

Further increase parental engagement and ensure that a greater range of parents who are representative of the Broadwater community are involved with the school.


Monitoring and reviewing objectives

We will review and update our equality objectives every four years (minimum) and report annually to the governing board on progress towards achieving them. We involve and consult staff, pupils, governors and parents and carers.