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 At Broadwater, we place great emphasis on developing the whole child and providing children with enrichment opportunities that broaden their horizons.  By the time your child leaves Broadwater at the end of Year 6, they will have had the opportunity to do the following: 

·        Go on an overnight educational visit

·        Visit places outside of London

·        Explore London and beyond

·        Visit an Art Gallery

·        Take part in forest school

·        Visit the library

·        Visit a range of religious buildings

·        Learn a new language 

·        Learn to play a musical instrument (trumpet Y4)

·        Learn to swim

·        Grow your own fruit and vegetables

·        Learn outside the classroom

·        Take on extra responsibilities

·        Join a club

·        Become a prefect 

·        Take part in a sports tournament

·        Perform in front of an audience

·        Raise money for charity

·        Raise awareness of global issues and create a campaign video

·        Debate and question a range of issues (both local and global)

·        Make new friends from a range of backgrounds

·        Learn about different countries and cultures

·        Celebrate your culture and heritage

·        Take part in Enterprise Week and create a small business

·        Cook a nutritious meal

·        Make connections with children in other countries (Connecting Classrooms)

·        Take part in events linked to current affairs such as general elections