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We strongly believe that full and regular attendance, alongside excellent punctuality, is vital for a child to maximise their potential and develop an enjoyment of learning alongside creating a feeling of belonging in their class, school and community.

Missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. In promoting the belief that attendance and punctuality are important values, we will be helping to ensure our children benefit fully from the educational opportunities available to them. This in turn will equip them for life, impacting positively upon their future as citizens, employees and employers. 


We believe that:
• Repeated and persistent lateness is an unsettling start to the school day for both the child and school.
• Prolonged and persistent absence, in any year group, affects access to the curriculum ultimately impacting on attainment and progress.


Broadwater Primary School aims to meet its obligations with regards to school attendance by adopting a whole-school approach to maintaining excellent attendance and punctuality.  We will support parents to perform their legal duty to ensure their children attend regularly and will work with families to make sure that any problems or circumstances which may lead or be leading to poor attendance and punctuality are given the right attention and appropriate support.  


Our school Attendance Team consists of Emma Beech (Children and Families Support Worker) and Charlotte Beesley (Local Authority Education Welfare Officer). All pupils’ attendance and punctuality is monitored by the Attendance Team alongside the Headteacher. Any child who attends school less than 90% of the time, is considered to be a Persistent Absentee and a referral to Educational Welfare will be made for them.


If you would like support or advice with any barriers which may be affecting your child's attendance or punctuality, please contact Mrs Emma Beech (Children and Families Support Worker) via the School Office.

School Attendance - Persistent Absence and the Education Welfare Service

Unplanned Absences

Parents must notify the school by 9:00am  if a child will be absent for any reason. If a child is absent due to illness, unwell, parents will need to make a phone call to alert the school by 9:00am on the first day of absence and on each day of absence thereafter. In some circumstances, parents may be asked to provide medical evidence, such as a doctor’s note, copy of the prescription, medication label, appointment card or other appropriate form of evidence.


Medical/Dental Appointments

Parents should make every effort to ensure these appointments are made outside of school hours. Where it cannot be avoided, children should be out of school for the minimum amount of time necessary, i.e. to include travel to and from the appointment and time to attend the appointment only.  Advance notice is required for authorising these absences. An Absence During Term Time Request Form must be completed and returned to the School Office at least two days in advance of the appointment.  Alternative arrangements should be made for siblings as the school will not authorise the absence for them to accompany a sibling at a medical appointment.


Holidays during term time are not permitted. All holiday requests during term time will be considered to be unauthorised leave of absence and parents may be subject to further action by the school or prosecution by the local authority. 


Penalty Notices

The policy of Wandsworth Council, to which we have agreed, states that parents who take their child out of school during term time, without the authority of the Headteacher, may receive a Penalty Notice. Penalty Fines will be issued by the Local Authority.

Each parent is liable to receive the Penalty Fine for each child who incurs unauthorised absence in these circumstances.

Penalty Fines – Advice for Parents/Carers of children attending Wandsworth schools


The Department for Education have published  this guide to parental responsibility for children's attendance.

'Schools and local authorities can use a range of parental responsibility measures to provide support and/or sanctions to parents when their child’s attendance at school becomes a problem. The law gives schools and local authorities powers to offer parenting contracts and obtain parenting orders in relation to attendance. In addition, schools and local authorities can issue penalty notices to parents for failing to secure their child’s regular attendance at school or local authorities can decide to prosecute.' DfE


More information can be found in our Attendance Policy.


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